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Using kitchen composter to Reduce your waste footprint 
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Using kitchen composter to Reduce your waste footprint 

Using kitchen composter to Reduce your waste footprint

It doesn’t need big changes, only simple changes that you can make to reduce your ecological footprint and they can have a big impact on the health of our planet.

electric kitchen composteris good for the environment, more cost-effective and quicker

1. Plan your meals

Before go shopping, check stock of your fridge, freezer, and pantry. This way you aren’t buying more of something you already have and using up what you have before buying new.

2. Compost your food scraps with  kitchen composter

If you don’t have a lot of space, try Ecodisposer electric kitchen composter. It sits right on your counter and with the push of a button, you have nutrient-rich dirt for your plants.. The quickest processing time is 2 hours for low volume of food waste.

3. Swap out your disposables

You  probably like using some disposable items like plastic bags, straws, face wipes, coffee cups, or plastic bottles in your everyday life. To lower your ecological footprint, swap these out for reusable items like silicone baggies, silicone or stainless steel straws, and a reusable water bottle or coffee cup.

4. Stop impulse buying

Please stop wasting your time and your money by cutting out impulse buys. Make a conscious effort to take the time to think about what you’re buying.

5. Avoid unnecessary packaging

6. Reuse or repair

7. Recycle the right way

8. Buy second-hand

9. Go paperless

These are just some of the many ways to reduce your waste footprint. We hope it was helpful in getting you started on a more eco-friendly lifestyle. If you really want to reduce your ecological footprint, invest in an Ecodisposer electric composting machine. You’ll significantly cut back on your food waste and lower that ecological footprint of yours. Users love how little effort it takes to compost their food scraps and the big impact it has on the planet.