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FAQ for UF006 series composter
Frequently Asked Questions for UF006 Series Composter Why don't the blades of the machine turn all the time? Th...
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FAQ for UF006 Series Electric Composter
1.Why don’t the blades of the machine turn all the time?
This is completely normal. Through hundreds of thousands of tests, the laboratory has finally designed and determined the intelligent program of heating-grinding-holding-cooling. By programming separate or intersecting heating and grinding jobs at different stages of operation, we can save enormous amounts of electricity.

2.Should I add the extra purchased EM bacteria? At what stage should we add to it?
The composition of EM bacteria is some dormant beneficial microorganisms, which can help the
fermentation process to proceed faster. Since the kitchen and garden waste you compost itself contains many microorganisms when your added material achieves the perfect carbon-nitrogen ratio, EM bacteria can be omitted. However, since the daily garbage generated by each household is not fixed, we still recommend that you add EM bacteria before using the fermentation model which will greatly speeds up the efficiency and success of composting.

3.How can I know if the fertilizer is too dry or too wet?
This is the original intention of our design of UF006 Series Composter – a visual waste composter.

Due to the different types, weights and moisture content of kitchen waste generated by each household, it is difficult for us to set a consistent program to achieve everyone’s expectations for the dry and wet state of fertilizers.
You can stop the machine at any time when you observe that the fertilizer has reached the desired chip and dry moisture.

4.How do I apply UF006 Series Composter’s fertilizer to my garden plants?
We recommend that you mix fertilizer to the soil at a ratio of 1:10, then bury it under the plant, and water it appropriately.

5.Can UF006 Series Composter sit with unprocessed waste for a few days while I fill it? Will that smell?
We only recommend leaving it for a day, especially in hot weather, as it can grow bacteria and develop odors if left untreated. When the UF006 Series Composter is not running, the filter odor control is not activated, so you may smell it.