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Features of biological waste disposer
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Features of biological waste disposer

In the garbage classification, wet garbage is more difficult to deal with. Not only is it difficult to arrange the soup and water, but it is also prone to corruption and unpleasant odors, which affect our normal living environment. These characteristics of the biological waste disposer perfectly solve these problems. The following biological waste processor, biological waste machine and biological waste processor manufacturers will talk about the characteristics of biological waste processor.
1. High efficiency, the green treatment effect of garbage can reach more than 99%;
2. Low energy consumption, the bio-waste disposer consumes little power in 24 hours;
3. The application cost is low. After the fermentation digestion agent is put in, it can continue to run effectively for 3 months, during which no supplementary input of the fermentation digestion agent is required;
4. Low emission, the gas emitted during the treatment is a mixture of carbon dioxide and water vapor; the whole treatment process will not emit harmful substances and will not have any impact on the air.
5. Self-isolated strains with high enzyme activity can completely differentiate the main organic components contained in garbage.
Well, with the help of Ecodispsoer composting machine, all such wet food wastes are easy to process.