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how to make compost at home
To make fertilizer with the Ecodisposer smart food waste composter, follow these steps: Collect food waste: Gather ...
FAQ for UF006 series composter
Frequently Asked Questions for UF006 Series Composter Why don't the blades of the machine turn all the time? Th...

What does the food waste composting machine do?

  • Converts and reduces food waste by 80% to 95% into sterile biomass soil amendment.
  • Processes all organics including meats, fish, fruit, vegetables and paper and paper napkins up to 20% of the load.
  • Machines separates the moisture contents by indirect heating and converts to steam.
  • The dried remnants are discharged free of bacteria and pathogens.
  • The remaining soil amendment can be collected and diverted from landfill through metropolitan, regional and remote areas.