Professional food waste composting machine supplier
Food waste composter shipment

Food waste composter shipment

Food waste composter shipment

After more than a month of installation and commissioning, several sets of kitchen waste composting machines of different specifications were delivered. This time, our customer purchased 10kg, 20kg, 50kg and 200kg commercial kitchen waste composter units, which were respectively used in fast food restaurants/ schools an/ large shopping malls.

Advantages of Ecodisposer food waste composter
*No need installation, just plug in then use
*No need Waste inlet
*No need waste down drain
*Energy saving than most machines of our competitors
*Safe, user and eco friendly
*Virtually no odor released
*With temperature detection and PLC screen display
*Super low maintain cost
*Fully intelligent control and automatic composting
*High decomposting rate: more than 95%

At Ecodisposer, we have combined this natural process with an innovative technology. Thanks to our technology, the composting process described above no longer takes several weeks, but only 24 hours. Ecodisposer food waste composters accelerates the reproduction and metabolism of the microorganisms through intelligent control and sensor technology, so that composting is possible within this short time.

Thank you for all clients’ trust and support!!