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More information about household food waste composting machine

What can I put into the machine?
The general rule: all organic food waste can be composted in the machine.

What cannot be put into the machine?
Do not put anything into the machine that is not organic, including:

  • plastic
  • glass
  • metal
  • food containers and packaging

Also avoid

  • large bones
  • hard seafood shells (oyster, scollop and abalone).
  • cooking oil
    Putting these items into the machine can potentially lead to machine damage and malfunction.

Can I put bones into the machine?
Small sized bones can be put into the machine.
(e.g. chicken bones, fish bones)
DO NOT put large animal bones such as pork, lamb or beef bones.

Can I put seafood shells into the machine?
Only soft seafood shells can be put into the machine such as shrimp, prawn, lobster and crab.
DO NOT put oysters, scollops or abalone shells.

How often can I put food waste into the machine?
Whenever is convenient for you! (so long as you do not exceed your machine’s total capacity per day). The composting process will be complete 24 hours after the last food waste input.2
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