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New Ecodisposer Food Waste Composting Machine – Frequently Asked Questions
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New Ecodisposer Food Waste Composting Machine – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eocdisposer food waste composting machine?

Ecodisposer composting machine is your new kitchen Best friend! No more smelly, leaky garbage, or throwing food scraps away to rot in landfills. With Ecodisposer composting machine, you’ll be able to turn your ECO-UF006-L product and company presentation (NP)aste into nutrient-rich soil. Revolutionize the way you deal with waste, while giving nutrient-rich soil back to the earth.

I think I’ve heard of this, how is it different from other kitchen composters?

Ecodisposer composting machine does 3 things (not just 1!) it breaks down waste, creates compost and decomposes bioplastics; whereas, others only dehydrate your food and don’t create a nutrient rich compost. Remember: Ecodisposer composting machine is completely new technology!


How do I use Ecodisposer composting machine, is it easy?

Yes! Using Ecodisposer composting machine is as easy as the push of a button! Don’t worry, your Ecodisposer composting machine will come with a full manual as well!


How user friendly is Ecodisposer composting machine? What do I have to do to make it work?

Ecodisposer composting machine uses a single button user experience that’s very intuitive and user-friendly.


Can you add waste while Ecodisposer composting machine is running?

You CAN add to Ecodisposer composting machine while it’s running if you choose, however, it will start the cycle over so it’s not recommended unless you’re still early in the cycle!


How much electricity/power does Ecodisposer composting machine consume?

Ecodisposer composting machine’s express cycle uses less than 1kwh, which means it costs just pennies for each cycle!


What is the voltage required to power Ecodisposer composting machine?

Ecodisposer composting machine in the USA and Canada will be 110V. The EU version will be 220-240V with a type C plug. The Australia Plug is 220-240V.

Where is Ecodisposer composting machine made?

We manufacture Ecodisposer composting machine sustainably and ethically in our own China-based manufacturing facility!

How big is Ecodisposer composting machine?

Ecodisposer composting machine’s max capacity is 2L but we recommend filling Ecodisposer composting machine ¾ full for best composting results!

Does Ecodisposer composting machine have to run everyday?

Ecodisposer composting machine does not have to run everyday but we don’t suggest letting food scraps sit in Ecodisposer composting machine for extended periods of time, as it may lead to odors.

Can I clean the bucket inside Ecodisposer composting machine? How?

Yes, the bucket can be cleaned with water and dish soap, but it is also dishwasher safe! The exterior of the appliance can be wiped down with a damp cloth (do not submerge the appliance in water).

Why does Ecodisposer composting machine cost so much?

There are a couple reasons for Ecodisposer composting machine’s price point! First, Ecodisposer composting machine is the home composter with a full program of compatible bioplastics that will change home composting forever. Comparable home food composters cost $800+ and offer less convenience and functionality than Ecodisposer composting machine. Second, we manufacture in a Carbon Neutral facility with exceptional standards for workers. Lastly, the heating and abrasion mechanisms are top-of-the-line and are expensive to produce.


How noisy is Ecodisposer composting machine?

Ecodisposer composting machine makes noise comparable to other small countertop appliances which is less than 60 db. (Don’t worry, that’s a lot less than a blender or food processor!) It’s around the same or less than a coffee maker, modern dishwasher, etc!

Does Ecodisposer composting machine have any odor while running?

Ecodisposer composting machine comes with a proprietary dual-carbon filtration system which adsorb odors and purify the air to contain any bad smells – of course this will always depend on what you’re composting! We recommend running as soon as you can after adding your scraps to keep odors as low as possible.

How often do I need to change Ecodisposer composting machine’s filters?

The carbon filters are refillable (YAY!) and last between 3-6 months with regular use!

Better yet, the carbon you are discarding can be used as a fertilizer for your garden as well – no waste here!

How often might I need to use Ecodisposer composting machine?

We’ve found on average, a family of two might use it about twice per week! A family of 4 may use it once per day – it really depends on your preferences and how much food waste you create!

Could you provide more info on how Ecodisposer composting machine combines chopping, temperature, light, and humidity to recreate the composting process? Does Ecodisposer composting machine have light, temperature, and humidity sensors?

Ecodisposer composting machine contains a lot of fancy sensors to create the BEST compost possible inside your home! It contains temperature and humidity sensors that optimize the microbial environment that is essential for great compost. Ecodisposer composting machine begins by compacting the contents. Then, the sensors intelligently breakdown the food scraps without losing any vital microorganisms and leads to mass and volume reduction all while continuous airflow and our heavy-duty grinder turn the compost.

How long does it take for Ecodisposer composting machine to turn my food waste into compost?

It all depends on the cycle you choose and what is in your Ecodisposer composting machine! Short on time? Choose Express! Got lots of time? Eco is the way to go! Eco: The longest cycle, which produces a compost like end product rich in microbial culture and soil nutrients (As little as 20 hours) Express: Shortest cycle; end product is neutral natural fertilizer (As little as 6 hours) Bioplastics: Longer cycle with an end product that is a neutral natural fertilizer (As little as 24 hours)

How does Ecodisposer composting machine convert food scraps into dirt?

Ecodisposer composting machine enhances the biodegradation rate of the kitchen waste using heat, moisture and smart sensors, resulting in organic matter which is a great source of nutrients for the top-soil. This soil amendment is rich in Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Sodium.

How does it break down Ecodisposer composting machine Approved bioplastics?

Ecodisposer composting machine uses smart sensors to manage heat, continuous grinding and moisture in the organic matter to break down the bioplastic and biodegrade the polymers chains on a molecular level. This causes an accelerated disintegration and biodegradation of biodegradable materials than when placed in a typical compost environment.

Don’t other appliances like Ecodisposer composting machine create compost just the same?

Ecodisposer composting machine is so much more than a dehydrator, it uses completely new technology which uses smart sensors to preserve microorganisms to create the start of richer, more nutrient dense dirt once mixed with soil. It is also the only in-home machine on the market that can break down bioplastics!

How does Ecodisposer composting machine’s end result compare to Bokashi composting or Vermicomposting?

In terms of nutrients for your garden, they are all very similar with vermicompost coming out slightly ahead as it is a more mature form of dirt. If you use your Ecodisposer composting machine on Eco mode, you will get almost the same results as with Vermicomposting only FASTER!

What is the maximum volume reduction possible with Ecodisposer composting machine?

Max volume reduction in mass is around 80%.

Can you add just one item and get soil? (Maybe you only compost orange peels? We don’t judge!)

The answer is yes, but not recommended. The end product however won’t have the optimum Carbon:Nitrogen ratio to serve as a natural fertilizer. It is best to use a good mix of waste to great the best dirt. Also Ecodisposer composting machinePods can be added to balance that ratio.

Any pointers on Ecodisposer composting machine compost to soil ratios?

Of course, we recommend 1:10 (Compost:Soil)!

What kind of Food can I put into Ecodisposer composting machine?

Check out our infographic on the main campaign page for all the fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy and other items that can go in Ecodisposer composting machine!

Can you put bones in?

Yes, in very small amounts and only small bones such as chicken or fish.

Can foods with high sugar content go in Ecodisposer composting machine?

Yes, in small quantities! We recommend mixing them with low sugar items like veggie scraps, plant debris or grains.

Can Ecodisposer composting machine handle wood shavings?

It can, but that doesn’t mean you should! We don’t recommend wood shavings to go in Ecodisposer composting machine.

Can watermelon rinds go into Ecodisposer composting machine?

Yes in small chunks, better to break them up into pieces roughly 5×5 cm so they can break down quicker!

Can I put avocado pits in Ecodisposer composting machine?

No, avocado pits are too hard unfortunately! (Did you know you can grow a tree from avocado pits with just water and some toothpicks though? Try it!)

Can cotton scraps or clothing scraps go in Ecodisposer composting machine?

Ecodisposer composting machine can handle cotton but we suggest it’s best to recycle and reuse those fabric scraps

What is Ecodisposer composting machine’s warranty?

Ecodisposer composting machine comes with a 1-year warranty . The Warranty applies should your Ecodisposer composting machine have a manufacturer defect in product material or workmanship within the stated Warranty period. The warranty is non-transferable and proof of purchase is required to claim.

Can I purchase replacement filters?

Our filters are REFILLABLE (Yay no waste!) and the refills will be widely available on our website and from other retailers. Should the housing for your refill break, they will be available for purchase as well.

Can I put pet waste into Ecodisposer composting machine?

Unfortunately, no you cannot use Ecodisposer composting machine for pet waste.