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Electric composter to reduce the harm of food waste principles
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Electric composter to reduce the harm of food waste principles

Electric composter to reduce the harm of food waste principles

Kitchen waste is the most important type of food waste, including food processing leftovers and food residues (swill) generated by households, enterprises, institutions, factories, schools, canteens and catering industries. The content of water, organic matter and oil in kitchen waste is high, easy to rot, not timely treatment is easy to breed bacteria, mosquitoes, flies and so on and stink to the sky, grease covered and easy to pollute the ground wall trash can, but also seriously affect the ecological environment.

Dining hall kitchen waste has obvious harmful and resource dual properties, its characteristics can be summarized as:

  1. High moisture content, up to 80%-95%.
  2. High salt content, pepper in some areas, high acetic acid.
  3. High content of organic matter, protein, cellulose, starch, fat and so on.
  4. Rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and various trace elements.
  5. There are pathogenic bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms.
  6. It is easy to rot, spoil, stink and breed mosquito ants.

The purpose of restaurant – kitchen waste treatment with electric composter is to reduce the quantity, harmless at the same time requires resource utilization, the development of circular economy to realize recycling.

There are two main recycling methods of restaurant – kitchen waste:

1)aerobic composting

2)anaerobic digestion.

Aerobic composting process need very long time to finish the whole procedure.

With Ecodisposer electric composter. the organic waste can be treated at source by microbial high temperature aerobic fermentation and rapid composting technology.

*achieve the purpose of reducing,*

recycling and harmless transforming waste into treasure.

Organic waste can be recycled as resources, return to natural ecology, and create a circular economy of the whole industrial chain.

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