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About Harmless Treatment of Food Waste!

About Harmless Treatment of Food Waste!

Garbage classification, food waste, commonly known as “swill.”. It is mainly produced in the process of life consumption of urban residents.

Because its main components are high calorie organic components such as oil and protein, it is easy to deteriorate, emit odor, spread bacteria and viruses, and easily cause secondary pollution. According to research, the content of organic matter in municipal solid waste is 40% – 50%, mainly including food waste, food waste, food industry tailings, etc., mainly starch, food fiber, animal fat, and it has the characteristics of high moisture content, high salt content of oil, easy to rot, fermentation, odor and so on. The channels are mainly concentrated in hotels, food factories, schools, government, scientific research administrative institutions, etc.

As a kind of domestic waste, food waste has four main hazards

  1. Environmental pollution affects the appearance of the city;
  2. Harm to human health;
  3. Transmission of diseases;
  4. The liquid seepage produced in the process of food waste stacking pollutes groundwater;


For the treatment of food waste, domestic and foreign also summed up a lot of valuable experience. For example, incineration and landfill are usually adopted for the treatment of municipal waste. If food waste and other municipal waste are burned, the moisture content of kitchen waste is often as high as 90%, and the calorific value is 2100 ~ 3100kj / kg, which is burned together with other domestic waste, Not only can’t meet the heating requirements of incineration power generation (more than 5000kj / kg), but it will lead to insufficient combustion of incinerator and produce dioxin. However, if domestic waste is landfilled, organic matters such as protein and oil are not easy to degrade under the surface, which will pollute the soil and groundwater system. In view of this, kitchen waste should not be treated together with other domestic waste (such as plastic, paper scraps, glass, etc.), but it is necessary to treat it separately.

For the treatment of food waste, the first is to carry out harmless treatment, followed by reduction and recycling. Because of the complex components of food waste, careless treatment will cause harm to the environment and human health. There are many treatment technologies for food waste. Different treatment technologies have different processes, and different treatment methods are also targeted. For a certain type or a certain amount of food waste, there is its most suitable treatment method. The advanced “aerobic composite microbial degradation method” is adopted in the treatment of food waste. The treatment process will not cause pollution to the environment, and the whole process is harmless, and the composite microbial decomposition can achieve 90% reduction rate, which is very suitable for the treatment of food waste.


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